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OUR MISSION: To raise quality poultry and propogate community ties.

OUR VISION: To provide our family, friends, and community with responsibly raised poulty and to communicate the benefit of locally produced foods. 



Fresh Turkey

Pastured raised turkey are available the week before Thanksgiving. Orders are taken all summer long. Our turkeys range in size from 12 lbs to 30lbs.  A $40 deposit and an approximate weight that you would like is required. After 1 November, deposits are not returned. Customers will be notified of the pickup date, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving. Only 100 turkeys are avaialable, and we sell out every year. Order early!

Price: $ 4.10/lb ($40 deposit required)


We are SOLD OUT for 2020!!  

Poulty Lesson:

Did you know? That white eggs, brown eggs and green eggs are nutionally the same? Now you know!

Welcome to our farm!

Here at the Just Wingin' It Poultry farm from early spring to late fall, you can drive by and see our chickens on pasture in our hoop coops. When you drive by the next day – the coops will be moved. This is how we keep our chickens safe from fox, coyotes, skunks and even the majestic bald eagles and snowy white owls. But the chickens don't mind, every day they have a fresh salad bar of green grasses, clover, dandelion, worms, grasshoppers and all those other little things that make them happy to be chickens and on OUR farm instead of some big metal smelly barn. Out in the field the chickens have access to all the elements, the  sun, the wind, the grass and the bugs. Our chickens are healthier on pasture as they build up a natural immunity and strength by being in nature. We never have to use antibiotics to keep our birds healthy. They do it themselves, naturally. Chickens and turkeys raised on pasture are healthier & happier and my husband and I are happy to offer you the best tasting and juiciest poultry on this side of Fort Drum. See our testimonials page from real customers and your neighbors.

Support Local~

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